The environment is just as important to us as your finances. For this reason, we at STEUERTEAM focus on sustainable action because we firmly believe that even small steps can make a big difference. We are convinced that we all have a part to play in preserving our world for ourselves and future generations. That is why we as the STEUERTEAM try to act together and actively in an environmentally conscious and socially responsible manner. In 2023, we were able to get a number of projects off the ground again, and further projects are planned for 2024 (insect hotel, further reduction in paper consumption, etc.)

Environment / Energy

  • Relocation to our new KfW energy efficiency class 55 building in 2018
  • Environmentally friendly heating with a heat pump
  • Commissioning of a PV system with 12.65 kWp in 2018
  • Installation (and anticipated commissioning) of a further PV system with 16.5 kWp plus 10 kWh battery storage from Germany in 2023
  • Electricity: 100% green electricity from a regional supplier
  • Energy-saving LED lighting throughout the building
  • Installation of 2 wallboxes with 2 charging points each
  • Gradual conversion of company cars to electric mobility
  • Reducing paper consumption through digitization
  • Installation of tap water dispenser

Sustainable employer

  • Ergonomic workplace: height-adjustable desks on request, high-quality office chairs
  • Massages / Osteopathy
  • Fitness (in-house), QualiTrain
  • JobRad bicycle leasing
  • Home office
  • Digital law firm (DATEV)
  • Work-life balance (flexitime / flexible working hours)
  • “family-friendly law firm” (part-time, support when returning to work, flexible working hours)
  • Free water, organic coffee, tea and fruit
  • Free charging at the e-charging stations for employees

Team building

  • Annual company outing
  • Summer party, Christmas party, carnival party
  • Joint activities, e.g. city run, Christmas market, in-house barbecue