Company evaluation

Determination of the enterprise value according to capitalized earnings value or other methods
The sale of a company, a change of shareholder or the succession of a company makes it necessary to determine the company value. So that the buyer and seller can agree on a realistic purchase price. There are various methods and procedures for determining the enterprise value, such as the net asset value method and the capitalized earnings value method. The latter is usually more common, and the company’s capitalized earnings value is determined on the basis of standard controlling figures such as sales and profit. By this, the consultant also considers factors such as cash flow, historical data and future investments.
Business valuation from value assessment to enterprise value appraisal
A company valuation can take place on different levels, from rough estimation to precise valuation on the basis of key figures from controlling and accounting. Tax advisors and auditors are particularly suitable as consultants in all matters relating to company valuation, firstly because of their sound knowledge of business management and because the market value is always based on those figures that are also reflected in the annual financial statements and balance sheets. Tax consultants and auditors are concerned with precisely these values and factors, which are also used for many procedures in company valuation.
Our consulting focus on your company valuation issues
  • We offer various valuation concepts based on the capitalized earnings value method
  • Precisely tailored solutions for corporate valuation for various occasions
  • Business value assessment for the timely determination of the company value
  • Tax consultants and auditors are experienced in determining the enterprise value
  • On the basis of the annual financial statements and supplementary information from accounting
  • In case of a business acquisition or sale, change of shareholders, succession or divorce
  • In close cooperation with HSL Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Munich