Landsberg-Munich tax team wins the Capital study of the best trainers in Germany!

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The turnaround in the labor market has arrived and is shaking things up:
A large number of experienced specialists are retiring. Missing in many places
already lacking sufficient successors, and this demographic problem is likely to worsen in the foreseeable future.
intensify. Companies therefore need to recruit more people and make them available for their current
and future requirements.
Capital, Germany’s leading business magazine, together with the talent platform
For the seventh time in a row, called on companies in Germany to submit their
to have training standards evaluated. In the current issue of Capital, the
Best Trainer in Germany” award.
The clear result of the independent investigation speaks for itself:
Steuerteam Landsberg-München is rated “4 stars” in the training category.
We would like to congratulate you on this special achievement!

BRIGITTE employer study 2022: The Landsberg-Munich tax team is one of the best employers for women

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BRIGITTE employer study 2022: The best companies for women / High degree of work flexibility / Commitment to fair distribution of care work increased / Still too few women in management positions
Hamburg, September 28, 2022 – This year, BRIGITTE has once again joined forces with TERRITORY Embrace to search for the best companies for women. For this, HR departments and management of companies throughout Germany were asked for the fifth time to complete an online questionnaire with 80 questions. The survey asked about the companies’ efforts in the area of gender equality in five areas: Work-life balance measures, work flexibility, career development measures, and the importance of transparency and equality. In the ‘Women’s Power’ category, the survey also assessed how high the proportion of women in management positions is and what quotas the companies have set themselves in this area. In each area, the companies were able to score one to five points. Overall, 167 of 281 companies received top ratings of four or five stars.
High degree of flexibility – but please not to the detriment of women!
The survey shows that a lot has changed in terms of work flexibility: Almost all of the companies surveyed (98 percent) now offer home offices – in 2018, the figure was still 86 percent. In addition, one in five companies (18 percent) allows employees to choose where they work. 14 percent offer completely flexible working hours. But this new freedom can also backfire – often to the detriment of women, who are more likely to take advantage of such offers for reasons of compatibility: Those who are not present in the office are more easily overlooked by superiors. Overtime is more common in the home office than in the office. The BRIGITTE study therefore also looked into the question of how companies are counteracting this. Result: Many study participants seem to be fundamentally aware of the problem. For example, 82 percent said they had specifically developed measures to ensure that home workers were not disadvantaged compared to office-based employees. However, concrete regulations to prevent overtime in the home office have only existed in isolated cases to date.
Commitment to fair distribution of care work increased
The study also shows that the companies surveyed are creating more incentives each year to help families share care work fairly. For example, 38 percent of companies said they offer job sharing up to the highest hierarchical level, compared with just 15 percent in 2020. In addition, every third company surveyed (36 percent) gives fathers paid time off after the birth of their child in addition to the statutory parental leave. Financial incentives are also becoming increasingly popular to share care work more fairly between both parents – for example, if both parents choose to work part-time close to full time.
Too few women in management positions
There is still a need to catch up in terms of the proportion of women in management positions: Among the companies surveyed, the average proportion of women at the first management level is only 27 percent (2021: 26 percent), while the overall workforce is on average 50 percent female. The highest score in the “Women’s Power” category, which assesses how permeable the hierarchies are for women in companies, was achieved by only 26 of the 281 companies surveyed. Without bosses who consciously promote women and allow them into the top echelons of management, it will therefore be a long time before management positions are filled with equal numbers of women and men – this is the conclusion of the advisory board of the BRIGITTE study. The panel, which also helped develop the study’s questionnaire, includes five renowned experts: Multiple Supervisory Board member and Senior Advisor Janina Kugel, Scientific Director of the Hans Böckler Foundation’s Institute of Economic and Social Research Prof. Dr. Bettina Kohlrausch, Fair Pay expert Henrike von Platen, Ana-Cristina Grohnert Chair of the Board of the “Charta der Vielfalt” employer initiative, and Susanne Hüsemann, Managing Director of Queb, the German association for employer branding, HR marketing and recruiting.

Steuerteam Landsberg-München GmbH achieved 4 out of 5 possible stars in the overall rating.
This is a great result, placing us among the 167 best companies.

Steuerteam Landsberg-München GmbH is recognized by Capital and as one of "Germany's best trainers 2022"!

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Large CAPITAL study on “Germany’s best trainers”: 97 percent of companies hold early discussions with junior staff about job opportunities after training // 561 companies score good or very good in the survey// 15 percent more participants

Berlin, October 20, 2022 – The shortage of personnel in Germany means that almost all companies are tempting their junior staff with further career opportunities right from the start of their training in order to retain them. This is the result of the sixth study “Germany’s Best Trainers” by CAPITAL magazine, the talent platform and the HR marketing experts at Territory Embrace. According to the survey, 97 percent of the companies that took part in the study say they hold discussions about job opportunities after training at an early stage. 91 percent enable further training. And 54 percent offer trainees the option of being rehired even if they decide to continue their studies after completing their training.

These are key findings of the study, which appears this week in CAPITAL (issue 11/2022). This trend is confirmed by trainers whom CAPITAL asked about this in detail in individual interviews. In order to get a grip on the particularly severe staff shortage in the catering industry, for example, Anke Maas, Human Resources Manager at Leonardo Hotels, together with the private IU University in Bad Honnef, has launched the new dual course of study Culinary Management: a combination of specialized training as a chef and business studies. ,,I was very sorry that this wonderful profession has such a poor image and have been looking for ways to upgrade it and also give graduates even more career options,” says HR expert Maas. The survey, which required responses to a detailed list of more than 90 questions, ran from the end of March to the end of May 2022. More than 750 companies participated in the CAPITAL study, 15 percent more than in the previous year. The companies employ around 3.6 million salaried employees, more than 100,000 apprentices and almost 24,000 dual students. These include Dax corporations, large public authorities, many medium-sized companies and craft enterprises.

According to the study, trainees in nursing have the best career opportunities. Fifty-six percent of the participating companies from the care sector stated that junior staff can often take on a management position at their company without necessarily having to complete a course of study after completing their training. This clearly contrasts with the information provided by HR managers in industrial/technical and commercial occupations. Bringing up the rear in this respect are companies in the IT sector, where a management position is only possible in 40 percent of cases without further training.

Of the exactly 751 participating companies, 523 achieved good or very good results in the area of training and were recognized by CAPITAL as “Best Trainers”. In the area of dual studies, 363 companies achieved excellent results. The study provides a Germany-wide overview of the “Best Trainers in Germany” by region and occupational group. Companies that employ at least five apprentices or three dual students were eligible to participate. Detailed analyses can be found at

Steuerteam Landsberg-München GmbH is recognized as one of "Germany's best trainers 2021" by Capital and!

Training has been taking place under difficult conditions for a year and a half: the pandemic has forced companies, vocational schools and universities to rethink. Training in the home office was previously unthinkable and demanded a lot from trainers and trainees: new concepts for theory and practice, digital teaching methods, social exchange at a distance.

Many trainers therefore rely on new offers. As the fifth major Capital study on Germany’s best trainers revealed, 89 percent of the companies have introduced new teaching methods, only 47 percent had previously relied on digital solutions. Capital carried out the survey together with the talent platform and the personnel marketing experts from Territory Embrace.

However, the quality of the training also suffered in part due to the changed conditions. About a third of the trainers surveyed stated that there had been a loss of quality in teaching. More than half of the companies confirmed that the pandemic has had a clear and even extreme impact on training.

A total of 652 companies took part in the study. The survey ran from the beginning of March to the end of May this year. A total of around four million employees and 118,000 trainees work in the companies that took part. Among them are Dax corporations, authorities, many medium-sized companies and craft businesses. All had to answer a detailed catalog of questions and were evaluated according to the same criteria.

Of the participating companies, 491 achieved good or very good results in the field of training, which Capital recognized as “Best Trainers”. Of these, 177 qualified with the top result of five stars, and a further 314 companies received four stars. In the field of dual studies, 311 companies were awarded, 119 with five stars and 192 with four stars.

Steuerteam Landsberg-München GmbH achieved 4 out of 5 possible stars in the overall rating.
This is a great result, making us one of the best training companies in 2021

BRIGITTE Employer Study 2021: The Landsberg-Munich tax team is one of the best employers for women

The past year was the big touchstone for companies: Who is still committed to equality? Who is rowing back? Und wieso ist das nicht nur für Frauen wichtig?

Have you thought about changing jobs lately? Yes? Well then, welcome to the club! Experts are already predicting a medium mass migration as soon as the economy picks up even more. Because many people realized during the crisis that they actually want a lot more security professionally. Or more sense. Or because they find that their employer wasn’t really there for them in these wild times. Women are particularly dissatisfied at the moment – especially if they have children, who they often have to look after or school for months (and unfortunately mostly almost alone) alongside their job.
In a survey conducted by the Bertelsmann Foundation in April, one in five said their career opportunities and work-life balance had deteriorated during the pandemic. Men said that less often. And according to a study by Boston Consulting, only one in three working mothers felt their manager understood their situation during the lockdowns. So it’s quite possible – we’re dreaming wildly now – that Corona will ultimately become a major relationship stress test for companies: Who worked hard for their people during the crisis? Who remains an attractive employer? And who will the good women in particular be running away from in the near future?

In our fourth BRIGITTE employer study – with a new record participation of 292 companies – we therefore took a particularly close look: Did the companies support parents during the school and day care center closures? Was a lot done for diversity and equal opportunities – or was that suddenly no longer so important? Since we do not ask about employee satisfaction in the study, but rather have management and HR departments document the measures taken by their companies, our ranking cannot always capture the actual mood in the companies. But whether they are basically on the right track can be deduced. In addition, there is a key figure that gives an idea of where a company is headed – the proportion of women in management positions. “We therefore deliberately gave this topic more weight,” says study leader Ana Fernandez-Mühl from the personnel marketing agency Territory Embrace, with whom we conducted the survey. “The dimension ‘women’ power’ now counts just as much in the evaluation as the measures taken by the companies for compatibility, flexibility or transparency. And only those who have at least 20 percent women in the top two management levels can achieve five stars in the overall rating.”

Steuerteam Landsberg-München GmbH achieved 4 out of 5 possible stars in the overall rating.
That’s a great result, which puts us among the top 179 companies.

BRIGITTE-Arbeitgeberstudie 2020: The Landsberg-Munich tax team is one of the best employers for women

Landsberg am Lech, September 2020 – Bereits zum dritten Mal hat sich BRIGITTE zusammen mit den Personalmarketing-Profis von TERRITORY Embrace auf die Suche nach den besten Unternehmen für Frauen gemacht. Dafür wurden bundesweit Firmen aufgerufen, an der großen BRIGITTE-Arbeitgeberstudie teilzunehmen.
Mit dem Ergebnis 4 von 5 möglichen Sternen zählt das Steuerteam Landsberg-München zu den 182 besten Arbeitgebern für Frauen deutschlandweit.

Der umfangreiche Fragebogen, den die teilnehmenden Unternehmen ausfüllten, war zuvor von fünf renommierten Expertinnen mitentwickelt worden: Die Aufsichtsrätin und Beraterin Janina Kugel, die Ökonomin Katharina Wrohlich vom Deutschen Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung, die Fair Pay-Expertin Henrike von Platen, Ana-Cristina Grohnert von der Arbeitgeberinitiative „Charta der Vielfalt“ und Susanne Hüsemann, Geschäftsführerin von Queb, dem Bundesverband für Employer Branding, Personalmarketing und Recruiting, bilden den Beirat der BRIGITTE-Arbeitgeberstudie 2020.
Bei der Studie wurde das Engagement der Firmen in vier Bereichen bewertet, die für die Chancengleichheit von Frauen von Bedeutung sind: die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie, die Flexibilität der Arbeit, Maßnahmen zur Karriereförderung sowie der Stellenwert von Transparenz und Gleichstellung im Unternehmen. Auch der Frauenanteil in Führungspositionen sowie die selbst auferlegten Frauen-Quoten der Unternehmen flossen in die Punktzahl mit ein. Mit 257 Firmen nahmen 50 Prozent mehr an der Studie teil als im Vorjahr – das zeigt, wie wichtig das Thema den Betrieben auch in Krisenzeiten ist.
Eine Übersicht aller 182 Betriebe mit Spitzenbewertungen von vier oder fünf Sternen sowie weiterführende Ergebnisse und Informationen zur Studie sind in der aktuellen Ausgabe der BRIGITTE zu finden (21/2020) sowie unter

Das Steuerteam Landsberg-München gehört zu den besten Arbeitgebern für Frauen 2019

Landsberg am Lech, September 2019 –

Das Magazin ELTERN und die Personalmarketing-Experten von TERRITORY Embrace küren zum zweiten Mal „Die besten Arbeitgeber für Frauen“.

Mit dem Ergebnis 4 von 5 möglichen Sternen zeichnet das Steuerteam Landsberg-München zu den besten Arbeitgebern für Frauen deutschlandweit.

Das Steuerteam Landsberg-München gehört zu den besten Unternehmen für Familien 2019

Landsberg am Lech, September 2019 –
Das Magazin ELTERN und die Personalmarketing-Experten von TERRITORY Embrace küren zum zweiten Mal „Die besten Unternehmen für Familien“.

Mit dem Ergebnis 4 von 5 möglichen Sternen zeichnet das Steuerteam Landsberg-München zu den besten Unternehmen für Familien deutschlandweit.